Our customers specialize in very different sectors of the restaurant and hospitality industry. They each have come to expect the consistent and dependable service our company has to offer. We believe in creating a positive experience. It is the experience that ultimately reaches the goal of our customer. Our technicians have extensive experience in commercial restaurant equipment repair and installation, and have many years of experience in the field.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians, therefore they are able to suggest effective solutions that remedy immediate situations, as well as assist in avoiding recurring problems.

Service Engineering offers an expansive knowledge base of various equipment brands and models. We provide more choices and savings for anyone who chooses to do business with us.

We will assist you in carefully selecting equipment that best suits your needs and budget. We thoroughly explain the differences in brandsqualityfunction, and efficiency of the unit that our customer is looking for. We do this so that you may confidently make the right choice for your short-term and long-term needs. All equipment checked thoroughly by our technicians to make sure the units are operating correctly before delivery and installation takes place.

Service Engineering provides customers access to an array of high-quality used equipment. We help in selecting the proper equipment needed for your business. We also make sure that everything is working correctly prior to delivery and installation. Each piece checked by one of our technicians to ensure an optimal working condition.

Service Engineering ensures that all equipment ordered received in a prompt manner as well as being in optimal condition. Our technicians confirm that all units are working to maximum potential, by setting them up and verifying that they are in working order. After this process is complete, our team delivers your equipment at a scheduled time. Our team makes sure that it works at your establishment without interruption to your schedule.

Service Engineering is happy to offer you with a quote for the brand of equipment used, as well as the associated labor to install it. Give us a call at 828.252.6297 or give the form on the Contact Us page to ask for information about your specific needs.

When the need arises for any commercial restaurant equipment or refrigeration repair, call Service Engineering Company first at 828-252-6297. We’ll save you time, money and get you back to business.